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For Educators

Nuvvo gives you the tools you need to effectively teach online, while delivering you a global audience to share your knowledge with.

Nuvvo Offers

  • A comprehensive online presence. Create a profile, earn your authority, build your network of colleagues, or cultivate a following of students.
  • Powerful content authoring tools. Our simple lesson editor allows you to share videos, pages and presentations, giving you a range of media to present your content with.
  • Easy testing. Not only does our editor make it easy to create tests; our report generator allows you to track users' progress.
  • Course creation. Combine lessons, tests, and activities into a restricted course area only your students can access.
  • Live tutoring. Connect to your students with live video, voice, whiteboard and document sharing.
  • Complete e-commerce integration. Monetize your expertise by using the feature for courses or live tutoring sessions.

Best of all, Nuvvo is currently completely free. Take this opportunity to create your profile, gain authority by publishing content, and build your reputation as a quality online educator all at no personal cost.