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For Students

Nuvvo is a network of educational communities, each one built around a specific subject (ex. Algebra, History, Software Development). Many of these communities offer a wealth of freely available information and content that has been created by expert teachers, and other students. Not only do communities help you learn, but they connect you with other students and teachers.

Nuvvo recognizes that experts come in all forms, and often those who want to learn about one subject may have a wealth of knowledge in another, and so we actively encourage our users to play the role of both teacher and student. By blurring the line between teacher and student, Nuvvo is reshaping the power distribution in education.

Communities are a mixture of lessons (pages, videos, and presentations), tests, discussions, and fun activities like trivia. You will also find a marketplace, where you can find specialized courses and personal tutor offerings from expert teachers. Worried about finding a teacher you can trust? Our comprehensive reputation system, authority, helps you find reputable teachers, and shows you the leading authorities of the site.