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TOEFL : Punch of the Week (18-Dec-09)

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What is "Punch Of The Week"?
  • Every week Learnhub's team will post two questions of the TOEFL Test Preparation
  • Members can post their answers along with explanations for the next one week.
  • After one week, Learnhub's team will post the official answer along with the explanation.Besides answering the previous week's questions, Learnhub's Team will come up with the next set of questions for that week as well.
What are the rules of "Punch Of The Week"?
Photo 21678 Every user must refrain from posting sarcastic comments on the answers posted by others.
Photo 21678 Once the Learnhub's team posts the official answer along with the explanation, no comments must be made regarding those questions. In case of further clarification please send a personal message to the respective team member
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Photo 21678 Please bear in mind that only Learnhub's Team members have the privilege of posting questions here. Questions posted by other members will not be entertained and hence will be deleted immediately.
"Punch Of The Week" Team Members
Learnhub's Punch
This Week's Punches

Error Identification

Basketball is a challenging sport; players have to be in top physical shape and be practicing everyday to maintain their game.

(A) sport
(B) to be
(C) be practicing
(D) maintain

Sentence Completion

Harry __ school at age 16 and earned a living by making piano rolls for player pianos and by playing in Las Vegas nightclubs.

(A) graduated from college
(B) stopped attending secondary school
(C) scattered sheet music on the street
(D) dropped by his school frequently

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Answers to Punch (Posted on 18-Dec-09)

1. Answer : C

Solution : This sentence lacks parallel structure. Be practicing is not in the same grammatical form as the infinitive to be. To be correct, be practicing needs to be changed to 'practice.'

2. Answer : B
Solution : Here, we are looking for a word that means "quit" or "withdrew from." Choice A is incorrect because college is not mentioned in the sentence. Choice C is incorrect because the sentence is not about sheet music. Choice D is incorrect and a tricky one because dropped out is close in sound to "dropped by" which means visited..

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