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Quick Facts


Peter Blomert

Mönchengladbach, NRW, Germany

About Me

“Finalement finalement

Il nous fallut bien du talent

Pour être vieux sans être adultes.”

(Jacques Brel)


“Most of the major problems in the world will not be solved by further analysis. They need design …


Many years ago I stated that humour was by far the most important behaviour of the human brain. People thought I was being provocative.

I was not. Humour indicates a self-organizing information system that leads to asymmetric patterns. Humour is the exact model for creativity. In both we access from the far end a pattern that cannot be accessed from the near end. Suddenly it makes sense.

For hundreds of years we have believed that if something is logical in hindsight then logic should have been enough to get the idea in the first place. This is complete and total rubbish in a patterning system. Most of our thinking and education is based on this absurdly false belief.”

(Edward de Bono)

Influences and Inspirations

Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite Books, Magazines, Art & Music

Irvin Yalom: Existential Psychotherapy (and all his other books)