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Quick Facts

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Carpe Diem...!!! almost 5 years ago



Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

About Me

Let Other’z Lead Small lives, buh Not U. Let other’z Argue over small Things,
But Not U. Let Other’z Cry Over Small hurtz, buh not U. Let other’z Leave
Their future In someone Else’z hands, Buh Not you!!

Influences and Inspirations

People: Oprah Winfrey,Shobha De, Barack Obama,Bill Gatez,Dhirubhai Ambani, Shahrukh Khan

Book’z: U Can Win,Da Audacity,16 Habitz of highly Effective People Etc…

Thoughtz: Gandhian Thoughtz, Barack Obama’z…etc

Favorite Books, Magazines, Art & Music

Books- Fiction n Non Fiction both..Paulo Coelho’z Alchemist,Shobha De’z Strange Obsession,Robin Sharma’z Discover Ur Destiny,John Grisham’z Rainmaker,Sidney’z Rage of Angels,Khuswant Singh’z Train To Pakistan etc…
Music-Western n Indian Both…list is unending…