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Quick Facts



About Me

vivacious,ebullient,exuberant,friendly,candid(people feel it like sarcasm) and witty too.

keen to discover how things works. :)

love to dance.

Influences and Inspirations

all the successful person i knew.

all the dancers i watched.

all my friends and my family too.

at last its also me.

Favorite Books, Magazines, Art & Music

pursuit of happiness,rock on,A Wednesday

Awards, Honors & Achievements

had been in NCC for 4 years have both A and B certificate.
had been participated in 6 inter college dance competition and won prices in few.
had presented 2 papers in national level technical symposium and one paper in intracollege symposium.

Employment History

  • graduate engineer trainee, TAFE

    Start & End Dates
    June 2009 — Present (Over 5 Years)

    will join in june 2009