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CBC Winners

CBC Results Are Out!

Photo 25141 For those of you who don’t know – the CBC is the Community Building Competition. It is the only contest where you win great prizes for online social learning pursuits. In simple words – the CBC let’s you have a great deal of online fun and gives you prizes for it :)
Curious about the results and the details on who won the grand prize of INR 50K? Have a look at this lesson

Who Won The CBC?

Just kidding. Have a look at this awesome community and once you are done drooling, you will want to have done something as amazing as they have and win a prize for it.

By the way, the others also won prizes – iPods galore!
Photo 25144
I Want A Prize Too

We knew you would want a prize. Don’t worry, let’s just say that CBC Part 2, is around the corner. This time, it will be bigger and more exciting! Don’t forget to join the party! Before we call it a day, let’s have a round of applause for all the participants – all those who made the CBC a fun and exciting journey. Hats of to you and your spirit – for at the end, you are the real winners!

Photo 25143

Just to let you know, how much we appreciate your effort – you get this Mario Star :)

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