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Avinash Chandra

Gurgaon , Haryana, India

About Me

I love reading, playing the guitar and I indulge myself in a few intriguing hobbies.
I come across as lost in my own world – true, more often than not.

Influences and Inspirations

Herman Hesse

Favorite Books, Magazines, Art & Music

The Silmarillion | The Glass Bead Game | Siddhartha | Life of Pi | The Name of the Rose |

Employment History

  • Initiator of the Glass Bead Game, Castalia

    Start & End Dates
    August 2008 — Present (About 6 Years)

    Read the classic by Hesse. You’ll understand me better then :)

  • Babysitter to Superman, Justice League

    Start & End Dates
    August 2006 — August 2008 (About 2 Years)

    It was fun. Hitting the big lad with a stick for not behaving properly. Also, reading Batman’s haikus and playing Flash with Flash was great fun. The best part was meditating with Jon Jonz.