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About Me

I’ve grown up and currently live in the UK. I hope to travel all over the world when I am older. But now I’m concentrating on A-levels and my music. I play saxophone. Music is my passion, but I hope to study science at university.

Influences and Inspirations

my Grandad, my Grandpa, my Nana, and the rest of my family – they taught me everything I know. Also my sax teacher who is helping me work towards my grade 8, and encouraging me to practice! Also Lisa Simpson – my personal inspiration both musically and intellectually!

Favorite Books, Magazines, Art & Music

I’ll read everything and anything. I like most art, and love practically all music – especially classical and rock.

Awards, Honors & Achievements

passed my grade 5 theory of music with distinction – I think that’s a pretty good achievement! I got an A* in my RS GCSE, which I was pretty proud of.

Employment History

  • muck out, exercise, Riding stables

    Start & End Dates
    May 2006 — Present (Over 8 Years)

    help out generally